Thursday, June 25, 2009

There's time for all things, right?

Right now I'm working a little harder than my body would like.

"Sit down!" whine my feet.

"Lie down!" pleads my back.

"Relax!" scream my arms.

Yep. If it were up to my tired bones I'd be the human approximation of goo right now.

But there's work to be done (And I know a little something about getting while the getting is good when it comes to work) and there's church to be attended. (I ran into my pastor on the way home from work- clearly a sign that I should cancel on that nap I was lusting after and drag my butt to Thursday night Bible study.) And there's puppies to be played with, and kitties that need petting and a husband that needs love and kindness and conversation (and dinner).

It's hard.

But it's the good life.

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed, but I just keep pluggin' on and give my worries up to God because I know that ultimately (acrylic on wood available here July 1, '09)

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