Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to make a candle holder out of...

I needed a candle holder on the fly, so I made one out of stuff sitting around my place.

So today I'm presenting "how to make a candle holder out of a tea cup".

It's super easy and almost instant. like making tea. hmmm....


Here's what you'll need: a tea cup, a chunk of styrofoam, and a knife.

First, Turn the cup upside down on the foam and trace around it.

Use the knife to carve out a piece of the styrofoam using the knife.

After you've got the foam chiseled into a shape that will fit into the cup, whittle out a small hole approximately the same circumference of your candle into the center of the foam.

Voila! You have a candle holder.

Now go set the mood, ya crafty vixen.

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