Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I Forgot To Mention #3... Water Lily costume

The thing I forgot to mention about Elsie's water lily Halloween costume... After looking at every single costume for 6-9 month old babes I still couldn't find one I liked, so I got out my sketch pad and drew up a water lily costume. Then I stitched every last stitch with my two tired hands, right down to the little satin booties. It took me over a week to sew but in the end, I think it was so worth it to give my little lady a completely unique, entirely custom made dress to wear for her first Halloween. Also, because she is so tiny, it only took about a yard of fabric to make (not counting some of the details where I used stuff I had on hand.) Which means that I paid A LOT less money than all those crappy ma de-in-China ones in the stores. The white petals were reincarnated from an old work blouse that didn't fit well (ever) and the fluffy underskirt was cut from the bridesmaid dress my mom wore to my aunt's wedding in the late 80's. (Oh, you can bet I've got more plans for that hot pink monster!) For the headband I didn't make any pattern at all- I just free handed it, and I was so thrilled with the results. I loved making the headband so much, that when I get a little free time I want to open an Etsy store selling nothing but unique head gear. I was actually shocked with how much she loved wearing the whole get-up! Maybe it was because she got so much attention- everywhere we went people goo-ed and gah-ed over her! Even the lady working the window in the Wendy's drive through as we stopped for a frosty on our way home exclaimed, "She looks like a flower princess!"

(She's totally playing air guitar.)

As I was undressing her after our little in home photo shoot I couldn't help but pause to take a picture of her looking like one of those Cabbage Patch dolls at Babyland General Hospital with their heads poking out of the cabbage!

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