Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I forgot to mention... In October

In October we went to Burt's pumpkin farm, which, if you live in North Georgia is THE place to go to buy a pumpkin. It's not just about buying a pumpkin, it's the whole "visiting the pumpkin farm" thing. All the cool kids go there. (And by "cool kids" I actually mean dorky parents who get their jollies going places and having wholesome fun with their family).

I really just wanted to go to take pictures of Elsie looking adorable in the giant pumpkin patch, and maybe take the hay ride, where halfway through, the ride stops at a little barn-stage thing and animatronic pumpkin-people things come out and tell you about Jesus. (True story.) I was going to just buy a tiny pumpkin to take home, and paint Elsie's name on or something cute like that, but Grandma and Grandpa insisted on getting us the biggest bestest pumpkin you ever saw.

It took several days of planning and sketching to decide what I wanted to carve out of such an awesome vegetable canvas. At one point it was going to be a cat, at another point I was going to try to do something inspired by my art deco book, but in the end I just sat down with a knife and started carving away until I got a face I was pleased with. My trusty sidekick helped out by pushing errant seeds through the slits in the deck- we'll surely have a pumpkin plant growing under there next year! Then the pumpkin ate her!

But she was pretty happy about it.

It was really warm and I had put a towel down inside the pumpkin to protect her from encountering any lingering pumpkin guts. I don't think anyone sends out cards for Halloween, but wouldn't this just make the cutest Halloween card?

The face I got out of my pumpkin didn't turn out too bad either! I know she's too young to remember her first trip to the pumpkin farm, but hopefully one day she'll enjoy looking at the pictures from such a sweet day!

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