Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I forgot to mention...

I joined Blogger in 2006.

I became a regular blogger in 2008.

I wrote constantly.

We moved out of the country, we moved back to the US, we moved to NYC, then we came back to Georgia.

In 2011 Elsie was born and my online presence became a ghost of it's former self, generally consisting of Facebook status updates from my phone while nursing. (Mind you, I never posted updates about nursing, thank you very much.)

Then I got tied up in a writing project of massive proportions, which, sadly, goes yet unfinished.

Then the holidays came, and as they waltzed in, all my free time waltzed out in the flurry to make make make paintings and pillows and ornaments and scarves and frames and wreathes and curtains and candles.

And then suddenly it was 2012, and even though the world *may* end this year (or whatever) I went back to college. Honest to goodness college complete with professors and desks and $200 text books. Oh my!

So here it is the middle of January 2012 and it's after 2 am and I was lying awake in bed thinking of all the things that I'd like to do tomorrow- meet up with a girlfriend, finish a paper (actually, I should probably be working on that right now instead of writing this, but come on- this will only take a minute and besides, what kind of a college student would I be if I didn't have a deep seated love of procrastination?), also fold all the laundry and vacuum the living room made the list but they're both too loud to do right now, and I dare NOT wake my little sleeping beauty or her father.

And as I was lying there in bed thinking of all the things I should have accomplished earlier and everything I want to do tomorrow (hopefully after a little sleep) I realized how much I missed blogging. So I got out of bed and scrolled through my blog's pathetic little posts for the past year, and realized that not only have I missed the writing aspect, but I miss reading my own posts, especially in a year that has brought so much change and joy I can't help but feel a sharp tinge of regret that I didn't document it better, so I'd like to take the next couple of posts and call them "Things I Forgot To Mention..."

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