Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anyone who halfway knows me knows I'm a girl plagued by self-doubt

nowhere near the bar I raise for myself

and full up to the brim with regret.

This past week has been amazing though... like in a life-altering kind of way.

I can think of few times things have gone better. I went from the darkest January to the brightest February, and now I'm going into March with a whole new outlook, new prospects, and strong faith.

Not renewed; it was never lost... it was never old... and needs no renewing.

Simply faith reinforced (not that faith requires reinforcement) but I trusted in God's grace, and allowed Him to put things in place.

How can I serve such an amazing God while still bringing all that shallow but weighty baggage along with me?

Self-doubt serves no purpose when your trust is in God.

The standard is high that it can never be met. It's meant to be continually reached for.

And regret? Regrets are the bricks tied to my ankle that continually pulls me into the malcontentedness that I find myself in so often that it almost feels like home.

It's really just time to let all those things go, and just fully totally completely TRUST.

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