Thursday, March 05, 2009

More fun making something out of nothing!

The problem:

Napkins, when kept between the salt and pepper shaker, are prone to fall down become messy whenever the salt or pepper is used.
The solution:

Make a pretty napkin holder out of stuff around the house.

I used an empty cashew can to make a napkin holder that perfectly matches my decor.

First, clean out the can.

Next, cut some paper the same width as your container. I just used some scraps of tissue paper. Glue the paper onto the container. I just used a glue stick (because it's what I had... and it works!). I glued several layers on to make it less see-through. To finish it off, I wrapped lace around it, and glued it in place. Now all my mismatched napkins have a graceful place to live on my table.

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