Thursday, March 26, 2009

the OTHER green people

There's a parade for almost everything in NYC.

I'd never been to a St Patrick's day parade, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself on a train full of revelers. Since I wasn't really going anywhere important anyway, I decided to follow the already-drunk-at-noon-painted-green crowd to the parade route.

The parade itself was actually fairly bland- It was almost nothing but hours of various military and civil servant factions (who most definitely DO deserve a parade, but I don't know what The Marines have to do with Ireland). The most entertaining part of the parade was the bagpipe playing kilt wearing celtic bands. Not actually being Irish myself I have no idea what these big banner flag things were that some groups were carrying. I bet its a noun though. Yep, its got to be a person, place... or thing.

After the parade I thought it would be fitting to take a stroll over to St Patrick's Cathedral, which is plain on the outside, but insanely gorgeous on the inside. I've never put much stock in church decor. (The J man didn't need a fancy pulpit to get his point across. His style was pretty barebones when you think about it- mountain tops, a fisherman's boat, etc... sometimes using a stick to draw in the dirt). So it just seems excessive. Beautiful... but unneccesary.

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Anonymous said...

Here there chickie! Just added your blog to my Neat Places To Visit link list. You are a hoot talking about the stuff folks leave out in NY....bless you. Your murals are awesome. Jane