Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who ordered the randomness?

Oh hai!

I been gone lately cause of massive work stuffs, but I thought a post nap Saturday night blog update would be good.



I went to the St Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan.

I had more fun watching the funny drunks than the parade.

Erin go bragh!

I'm painting a window display this week.

LOVING me some income!

Three cheers for being able to pay bills!

Did a little shopping... mostly window shopping

as the amount of clothes that I own that AREN'T paint stained is rapidly dwindling.

The best painter I personally know is Roland Richardson... and though he is an extraordinarily successful man by any and all standards (not to mention internationally famous) he always has the look of a hobo who's been eating messy food with a toddler.

presumably because he gave up the fight that all professional artists wage.

In this corner a carefully pieced together wardrobe, and in the other corner an overwhelming desire to create.

Only one can win...

I try to make both sides reconcile but its a struggle that leaves many a good pair of blue jeans ruined.

Made a fantastic new friend who took me to a fantastic new lounge/ restaurant... It reminds me a lot of Bliss.

AUCers, you know what I'm talking about.

Peter and I like to read books together... looking for the next one- any suggestions? Can't be too girly OR too manly.

Our current read is Ken Follet's World Without End, the semi sequel to Pillars of the Earth (Which is a GREAT read by the way) I recommend pretty much anything by Ken Follet.

I saw a girl wearing flip-flops today... AND A PARKA.

Seems to me that if she thought it would be cold enough to wear a down parka, that she would also wear... you know, shoes.

I've had the same Russian electronica song stuck in my head for two weeks.


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