Saturday, September 08, 2012

Daily Doily Project Day #4

Daily Doily Project #4
This Too Shall Pass.
To me, this painting feels like cheating, because I've painted it many times.
I've never made a dime off it, though, because every time I paint it, someone who's going through a hard time asks about it so I give it away for free.
Now the hard times are on this end of the paint brush and that's why I'm asking at least $25 for it.
I'm not putting these in the Etsy shop yet because I'm hoping to sell them locally.
If you're interested in any of them e-mail me at
or leave a comment and I'll work out the details of shipping, etc.
Artist note: The leafless branches are meant to symbolize Winter.
The first time I painted this I was living in NYC and after years of living in the endless Summer of the Caribbean, the long cold months of a northern Winter seemed endless.
I constantly had to remind myself that the sun would indeed shine again.
Literally and figuratively.

posted 9/8/2012

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