Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Daily Doily Project & Elsie's destructive tendencies presents.......

I've learned to never underestimate the desire of little ones to imitate adults.
It doesn't matter if I'm washing the windows or emptying the dishwasher,
Elsie wants in.
So I wasn't totally shocked to come home from class one day to find Dr A working at his desk while Elsie sat on the floor busily creating her own line of artwork.
with crayons
and ALL my doilies.
(I'm not sure how she got them, but again, I wasn't terribly shocked because she's going through an amateur mountain climber phase-
Everything looks like a climbing wall to her)
So today I have no doily to post, but instead...
The Daily Doily Project Day #9
Pretty Post-Its!
(TDDP #9 $25)
Turns out post-its don't take watercolor paint very well, so I used ink.
(Art nouveau fans can probably pretty easily pick up my inspiration.)

posted 9/13/12

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