Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Than The Sum

One of the magical things about art is that it is so so so much more than the sum of it's parts.
(Like people.)
It's canvas and oil or acrylic or clay
and water
and energy
but it is also more.
Humans are meat.
...bones and sinew
with big round skulls full of wrinkly gray matter
(some admittedly less full than other)
we're kidneys and intestines and
one magnificently tempestuous heart
we are organ tissue 
we are cells
we are so much more
we can be so much more. 
"In Distance" vegetation on paper, unframed, $175

This painting is of mountains, but it is much more than a painting.
It is literally the Earth it represents.
(because of what went into it's creation)
For it's portrait I used materials actually from the place;
Poke berries for the vibrant fuchsia hues.
A paint-like poultice from crushed leaves.
And for the orange...
distilled dirt
(also known as mud)
bright and rich as the orange clay that comprises the hills 
because it is orange clay.

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