Monday, September 03, 2012

How to be an awesome nanny #2

Be okay with destroying your house 
and turning it into a magical fort kingdom!
Sure, it will mean relocating every chair in the house, and dirtying up some linens, but it's so worth it for it's magical powers: For example, having a fort in your living room can make anything fun.
Candy Land: boring
Candy Land in a fort: YAY!
Sitting quietly and reading: boring
Sitting quietly and reading in a fort: yay!
(I used little letters for that last "yay" because even a fort doesn't make it that fun for them).

I took some coaxing for Mr Kitty to acquiesce to fort dwelling, but he was eventually convinced of it's merits.

Post Edit------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If I tried hard enough I could probably come up with some way to relate building forts in your living room to some other life skill/profession, but it's actually a pretty nanny-specific job skill.

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