Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I'm NEVER mad at anyone. & DDP #6

The Daily Doily Project #6

Purple Snowball  ($35)
When I was younger I used to get mad 
a lot.
People would tick me off on an almost daily basis.
Now, I'm literally never mad 
at anyone.
Because while I used to get all upset with others
now I just get mad at myself for not knowing better.
I learn my lesson and go on.
Rip me off?
No big deal. Should have seen it coming.
Lie to me?
No big deal. Should have expected it.
No big deal. That's what I'll expect from now on.

Basically, it's jut way more zen to just expect nothing from everyone.
Once in a blue moon you'll get surprised, but most people are pretty predictable.

On the flip side of that,
awesome people tend to stay awesome.

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