Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For Jamie

Dear Jamie,
For some reason my addled mind thought vintage bottle caps looked good as a mount.
Seeing it scanned, I realize it does not.
Luckily, the back of the paper is pretty and purple,
so when you get this,
do me a favor and turn it around.
I think I was being overly deep and making some association between hummingbirds looking for nectar, and soda being full of sugar...
or something.
This was my third attempt, by the way-
the first one came out too line-y and made the hummingbird look more like some kind of parrot.
The second one was a little too art nouveau and kind of looked like a mock up of a stained glass window.
Luckily I still have about 99999999999 more post-its so trial and error is the name of the game. I thought this one came out fairly nice. Well balanced between too busy and too plain.
The post-it is much more green in real life.

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