Friday, September 07, 2012

The Daily Doily Project #3

Day three: A Squirrel Honey

Basil just didn't look quite right, just sitting there on his lonesome, so I painted a fur baby friend for him.
She may or may not be based on the facebook pictures of a squirrel a friend rescued and raised. :)

I'm using a scanner to capture images of all my DDP pieces instead of a camera like I do for my big paintings, and I can't seem to get it right- it's always a little too dark, or a little washed out. The colors are actually much more vivid in real life!
Also, something I should have noted on the first DDP post was that they are all for sale.
Residency interview season is here for Dr A so I'm kind of scrambling to increase our income in any way I can, so I'm selling everything for... anything.
This piece: $35
Sweet Basil: $35
It Gets Better: $25
Painting lessons: $15 per hour
Babysitting: $10 per hour
Nannying (babysitting at least 3 days a week): $30 per day
My kidneys: $200 each
My right eye: $400
My hair: $ a golden watch chain
My soul: $ negotiable

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