Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TDDP #8 A couple of nuts in love

A couple of nuts in love...
(TDDP #8 $25)
that's exactly how I would describe some of the best couples I know.
I think this doily looks particularly fetching positioned between Sweet Basil and Honey, because when you put the images together, it instantly creates a little visual story
about a woodland romance...
based on common culinary preferences.
(So I'm offering all three as a set for only $75)

------------------post edit------------------------------------------------------------
I don't know why they look all pixelated in the last image where they're all next to each other. I promise, they're not pixelated at all in real life.

Also, I've got several shows and fairs lined up, so if you're interested in buying a piece speak up, because I can't guarantee they'll be around for very long

Also, some of the said shows and fairs require a pretty decent up front investment on my part (if nothing else in the gas it costs me to drive around to all these places) so on top of having a lovely little piece of original art, you'll also be making a deposit into your karma account for helping a striving starving artist and the world's least successful MD.

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